SSES 3rd Consortium Meeting held at DIT

29th October 2010

Members Present:

From WUT: Prof. Tomasz R. Woliński, Prof. Andrzej Domański, Dr. Anna Boczkowska, Dr. Stefan F. Awietjan

From DIT: Prof. Gerald Farrell, Dr. Yuliya Semenova, Dr. Ginu Rajan, Ms. Manjusha Ramakrishnan.


  1. G. Rajan: "Time-line and overall status of the SSES project"
  2. S. Awietjan "SSES research activities at MWUT"
  3. T. Woliński: "SSES research activities at FWUT"
  4. G. Rajan and Ms. Manjusha "SSES research activities at PRC"

Meeting of the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee of the Project also met during the visit and discussed the progress of the project with the Consortium members and expressed satisfaction on the progress and development of the project.


SSES meeting - photos: