Matera SSES project has a new industrial partner

SSES Matera project has a new industrial partner. Consortium agreement has been signed by polish Aero AT company. The new member is interested in application of the results of the SSES project in its future products. The prototype of smart structure will be incorporated into selected Aero AT component.

Aero AT ltd. Aviation Technologies

Aero AT ltd. company was founded in 1994 with the mission to bring to the market inexpensive and low running cost two seat aircraft for basic training and tourism. Aero AT gather under the company wings not only civil aviation enthusiasts but also leading aviation professionals with years of design, manufacturing and certification experience. The result of this blend is the only VLA class plane on the market today designed and manufactured with “big aviation” knowhow and experience.
The main company product is AT-3. It’s one of very few metal aeroplanes certified by EASA in the VLA (Very Light Aeroplane) category and is worldwide used as a modern replacement of old Cessna150/152. The aeroplane was designed as the affordable basic trainer with superb aerodynamics high performance, good handling and exceptional flight characteristics.
The second model in Company’s offer is AT-4 LSA, which is focused mostly on US and Far Asia market but currently also available in Europe.
Both planes meet the most restrictive institutional and private customer requirements.
Aero AT is the holder of an EASA Production and Design Certificate and today remains as the only Polish company manufacturing fully EASA and FAA certified aeroplanes.

Aero AT Sp. z o.o.
ul.COP 2
39-300 Mielec (EPML)

tel. +48 22 616 20 87
fax: +48 22 617 85 28
e-mail: [email protected]

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